Collage Day 2008

A group of us girls got together today – 6 old, 2 young – to do our annual collages. We started with a meditation, led by Andrea. Relaxed and in possession of our higher power’s wisdom, we sat down to pull images. The little ones were probably cursing our meditation in my daughter’s room. She told me flat out before we started to “cut it with the airy-fairy crap.”

Here a picture of my 2008 Collage. I did a round box to receive images throughout the year. I’m not exactly sure what this year will bring – I actually never am. And, I wasn’t particularly attracted to too many images from magazines during the “pulling” period of today’s event.

So, I collaged some broken dollar bills that my son left in his pants that ended up taking out my washing machine pump a couple of weeks ago. I put some fish around the outside of the box with the money, after covering the box with a coat of gesso. As far as I got with my manifesting for 2008 was that I want to be swimming in money by year-end.

I also cut out some hearts and a couple of other images and put them inside the box. I’ll keep doing that all year. It’s interesting this year to be working in a disconnected medium (images to be put into the box) as opposed to laying them all together on a flat surface, connecting them through geometry and color.

And, it is always such a mystery what the year will bring.

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