Stumbling on Art

For a little “art break” today, I stumbled. One of my categories is art. I happened upon this site.

It reminded me of a time about 25 years ago when I was doing consulting work at a nuclear power plant in Nebraska. I was inside the plant and able to go to an area at the top floor where I could look down on the spent fuel rod storage pool. The water was a beautiful turquoise and I was mesmerized.

They are quite similar! Twenty five years ago today I took a break from that NE field assignment to meet my husband and ski in Vail Colorado for our 1st Wedding Anniversary… I met Ed Bradley on the slopes.

Preview of Women’s Building Exhibit

A little preview of the April exhibit.

These are two 15′ long scrolls titled “Always – Enough.” The top one is acrylic and pencil on watercolor paper.

These are four 6′ scrolls with writing all the way down each, on oakboard (like manila folders), coated with paraffin wax.

The middle painting is a watercolor on heavy (300#) cold pressed watercolor paper.

Along the floor are 16 6×6 in paintings of candles on paper and coated with paraffin.

I can’t wait to get this displayed!

Sometimes Art Isn’t What It Looks Like

Sometimes, doing art is the business of doing art. My “art” today was visiting The Women’s Building to talk with them about putting up my art.

Here’s a photo of the blank “canvas” – walls in the lobby near the entrance to their large meeting space. I was thrilled to be offered this space. I was thinking I would be offered some space on the 4th floor, near their offices. This lobby space will get a lot more traffic!

So, it is a GO for April! I’ll be exhibiting six large pieces and sixteen smaller pieces. I’ll have plenty of time to work on fixtures to hang and protect the art.

Tuesday – Women’s Building Interview

Tomorrow I’m very excited to be meeting with the Exec Director of a non-profit in San Francisco to see if my artwork that I did while at the Women’s Art Intensive summer 2007 retreat will be accepted to be hung in their space.

Since the installation is large (4 pieces that are 6′ long scrolls and 2 pieces that are 15′ long), it is challenging to find suitable places to put the art.

Wish me luck!

Artwork to be Donated

Well, I didn’t get any art done today, and I am still at work, so that is understandable. But, I did get an opportunity to donate two pieces for an upcoming conference in July. I haven’t made them yet, but I will get working on something soon, unless I find something suitable in my “inventory.”

Last time I donated something, it got fought over and ended up selling for $500 to raise money for my niece’s elementary school. The principal got outbid and I ended up doing a second piece for her.