Sorrow Collages

In general, I’m a grateful and happy person. I’m so lucky to have four amazing children and two beautiful grandchildren. My parents are healthy and happy. I’m healthy, and I have a good job that I love and a solid roof over my head. I drive a cute, but sensible little car and I’m surrounded by so many good and loving friends. I have plenty of art supplies and opportunities to make and view art.

But I’m sad, just chock-full of sorrow right now. Sometimes you think things are going to go a certain way – say, electing a new and female president, but no such luck. Then you think maybe the person who won will come to his senses. Oh how I wish!

This was a difficult weekend – processing so much Ugh. So I put myself in my studio and took a note from my friend Anna Corba who created a huge body of petite collages when she was going through something tough. I call mine Sorrow Collages. I did 63 by the time the weekend was over, then rushed home tonight after work and did 10 more. They are flying out of me. And I’m starting to feel better. Slowly, but surely.

See them all in a slideshow here. I’ll update this gallery every time I make some new collages, and I’ll keep making them as long as I feel this way.