What Sorrow Collages Are Teaching Me

Art can teach you things, if you let it.  This Sorrow Collage project I’ve been doing recently has taught me a lot and has really helped me get through the past 10 days.

I’m an art “hoarder,” in that I can’t throw even the worst pieces I make away. I figure I can always cut it up, work over the top of it, fold it into a box….the possibilities are endless and sometimes the worst pieces make the best starts to these other projects. Over the past 5-6 years, I’ve done many small reject prints or paintings that are tucked away in a box or my flat file.

There is something about putting a stamp on them makes me now feel they are complete and need to be out of the box and into this collage collection where they now belong. Collage purists, I know many of these are not “true collages.” And, it is liberating to be going through this old art. I’m so so happy I still have the pieces.

They are original art by me, made into Sorrow Collages by adding the stamp, or more. My art, my rules! 🙂