Well, That Was Fun…And What Did We Learn?

It has been some time since I wrote a blog post. A lot has happened since 2017, or even 2019.

I still believe in the written word. Instagram doesn’t do it for me. Facebook is getting bogged down with too many click-bait ads and not enough content from people I know and love or want to get to know and love.

I’ve been dedicating a lot more time to sewing, mostly quilting, since 2020 when the pandemic forced us all inside.  I’ve always loved to sew and having the sewing machine adjacent to the laptop made for easy pivoting from one to the other during “work from home.” 

I made 130 quilts in 2020, and soon found myself being interviewed to head up the Creative & Home Arts part of the San Mateo County Fair. I found my people. My parents had both passed right before the pandemic and I found the sewing, knitting, quilting work that I would come to organize and exhibit by others very healing as it reminded me so much of mom. She could knit a complicated sweater in a couple of days. 

I’ll blog more soon about that and all things art and quilting. For now, it is good to be back…in the office, with others, with family, sometimes in an airplane to France…and here. More normal.

(I did learn to appreciate how much of an introvert I am.)