Week by Week, Results from a Class I Took Called Sketchbookery —

Today’s Lips in published form don’t look too bad…and other pieces I made in the last 10 days.
IMG_9652 PA316737-Edit Sherbet Rose IMG_9649 IMG_9644

Monday 10/20/14 – kind of a snow day.

IMG_9577 IMG_9576 IMG_9571

I just keep painting. What else can I do?  September and Early October rolled on.

IMG_9395-Edit IMG_9394-2 IMG_9388-2IMG_9010IMG_9566IMG_9507IMG_9499IMG_9487IMG_9485IMG_9460IMG_9342IMG_9466-EditIMG_9465IMG_9463Some new ones – 8/19-29/14:


Post-Class Sketches – Week of 7/31/14:

And it’s a wrap, but I’ll keep sketching.

The Sketchbookery Class is officially over. 🙁 But I will keep on using these skills for my own personal enjoyment, if nothing else.  Thank you for a great class Mary Ann Moss.

WEEK #4 – A bit more.


WEEK #4 – The class is coming to a close. I’ve really enjoyed it and learned so much. One important thing I learned is that it is easy to do a quick sketch, not fuss over it too much, and then take a photo of it to paint later. Even the painting part doesn’t take too long.

I’ll post more photos as the week goes on, but here is my first – an attempt at the collage paper underneath the painting.

Painting over vintage French paper glued down onto the book.


And the rest of WEEK #3 – I had a rough weekend. The plus side to it was I got a lot of art done. Art really helps me keep things in perspective.

These two go hand in hand.

More MID-WEEK #3 – I have been having a busy/overwhelming week. Several times, I just picked up my book to sketch and take the edge off the place I was in. It helped to relax and later, when I had more time, I could do the painting part, also relaxing.

WEEK #3 – Midweek – Already Thursday. I’m painting away. Today, a fading rose from my garden on my kitchen counter. It’s been here all week – a light light pink, but now getting some brown spots that I think make it all the more beautiful.

WEEK #3 – This week’s lesson is on painting some plants from a field trip. I didn’t have time to go out and get any plants, so I painted what happened at lunch on Monday with some friends. It was a lovely day and we could eat outside on the patio. What I learned – paint what you love and have fun with.

LATE WEEK #2 – I did two sketches in my new journals. One in the small one I made for myself; the other in that amazing moleskine journal. The lettering is harder than it looks. So enjoying this class though. I find making the pieces, watching the vids and the watercoloring soooooo relaxing and rewarding.

My friend Roberta’s roses in her office. They smelled so amazing.
Waiting for lunch today. It was delish!

WEEK #2 – I made my first sketchbook journal! Here are some photos, and my thoughts.

  • It was really easy – MAM’s instructions were perfect. I used a Japanese punch and it worked like a charm.
  • This is such a good idea for using those precious books I’ve bought all over the place. Usually, they come home and go into a pile in my studio. I don’t see them and don’t enjoy them. Now I can make them into a sketchbook and really love them for awhile, then that stack of sketchbooks is really going to be a treasure.
I’ve been wanting to revisit this Raggedy Ann book for quite awhile.


It was the perfect size for a traveling journal. The watercolor paper was exactly 12 in wide; the book is 6 in wide.


My first page – just the sketch.


I figured Marcella could tell people how much I love my journal and would want it back if found.


Here’s the finished book – of course I biffed and spilled paint on the first page, but
I kinda like how it looks.

MIDWEEK #1 – JUST FOR FUN – Sometimes I doodle at work in meetings. Today I was able to sketch with some contour drawing of my iPhone over my notes.  I waited until I got home to add the paint!

iPhone in MSB Materials Handling Meeting with IT (I think one guy was drunk)

WEEK #1 – Here are my sketches from Week #1. This is a great class with Mary Ann Moss called Sketchbookery. I’m learning a lot and enjoying it tremendously.

Some of my watercolors – pan and gouache.


Practicing contour drawing with Hostas at my mom’s in Bellingham.
Another watercolor palette. I’ve had this one for 26 years.


Dessert from Sunday night dinner with Claire and Chris. Yum.

Mary Ann said…

“engineering the liberation of creativity”i will steal that line. it’s good! as are your sketches. really fun to study

sharon said…

Love, love your work! The sketch over the notes is brilliant!

JessiVille said…

Love your sketches and painting! The dessert page is my personal fav.- absolutely delicious!

Monkie said…

Love your sketch of your phone!

Colette said…

I want to eat that desert!

Dana said…

Me too! Save me a piece of cake!

Laura McHugh said…

I LOVE all of these but my fav is the water color pallets….. so lovely!!!!!!my friend………..

pam said…

found you! love your sketchbook and sketches!!! especially Roberta’s roses and that R!

Anonymous said…

LOVE your work – sooo much fun to scroll thru and enjoy each and every entry !!! this class is the very best I have taken on line : ) thank you for sharing : )
Blessings, Sandra in AZ, USA : )

Margaret McCarthy Hunt said…

Nice job…now why didn’t I draw that strawberry short cake I ate last nite…guess i was too busy eating it!! 🙂

Paula said…

Love your sketchbook!I’m totally stealing your title page set-up.

Suki said…

Great collection of work!