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The Voice of Collage – Laura McHugh

The Voice of Collage

One of the hardest things about collage (learning from someone else, teaching it to others) is that I think it is a very very unique thing that we touch on inside ourselves from which the way we combine images, colors and textures together is sourced. I see things in a completely different way than anyone else would. And while I love viewing collage by others, it is a slippery slope to start emulating/copying/appropriating someone else’s collage style. Like putting on a pair of ill-fitting shoes – it just won’t work. So I have my own collage voice, rhythm and style. And I’m starting to feel it taking stride.

If I ever questioned keeping things that I’ve done that didn’t quite work, I’m over that now. So so glad I tossed these into a “later” pile. Some are 10 years old, but it feels SO good to rework them. They just had to wait for my art competency to get to the point of being up to revisiting them.

In one week, I’ve made almost 100 collages (93 I think).  Some are small, some are larger. Some took quite a bit of reworking, some only took a fleeting moment to add in a vintage French postage stamp. Either way, I’m happy with them all. Today I had more fun making collages using the collages, putting them with photos I’ve taken over the past few years too.

Making art makes me SO happy.  I’m grateful that I found this outlet.